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Providing marketing and business consultation with no additional charges. We are a commission-based agency, not a fee-based agency. Excellent negotiation skills. We have been successfully negotiating broadcast media since 1978.
Arranging radio and television production on a net cost basis. We do not add fees to your production. Over 30 years experience in Advertising and Promotions. We know what works and what doesn't.
Freeing you from having to work with every media salesperson in your market. We review all marketing proposals; you see only the proposals that will work for your business. Business-generating solutions. We can take your ideas and make things happen
Eliminating ineffective advertising. We put a halt to frivolous advertising and target your customer with the most powerful media available. Powerful software and marketing data, which enable us to systematically find your target customer in broadcast media.

Honesty and integrity. Our success depends on your success.