5 Reasons CTV Advertising is a Good Investment

5 reasons CTV is a good investment

The world of advertising is constantly changing, and for some, it can become a full-time job just to keep up with the new developments.

Case in point: CTV advertising. You might have heard of this concept in your recent marketing newsletter, but is it really beneficial for a business?

Well, we at NLA Media certainly believe so. We have 5 key reasons why CTV advertising is a great investment your business should probably make.

What Is Connected TV (CTV)?

CTV refers to “connected TV” which is any TV set or device that can be used to stream video through an internet connection. Smart TVs are the most well-known example of CTVs. They have a built-in internet connection and installed streaming apps like Netflix.

But, there are many more examples of CTVs, such as Chromecast or other casting devices, or even gaming consoles like Nintendo or Xbox.

What Are the Benefits of CTV Advertising?

CTVs are highly popular because they empower consumers to have much more control over what they watch. This feat is critical especially for younger consumers who seem to be less interested in the TV medium.

So if you are interested in embarking on connected TV advertising, here are 5 great reasons to do it:

  1. Stronger connection between digital and TV

CTV seems to combine the best of both worlds as the medium slightly blurred the lines between digital and TV which were previously clearly distinct.

This new blend or connection provides exciting new marketing opportunities for businesses.

  1. Precise audience targeting

CTV advertising still leverages the benefits of digital marketing, especially when it comes to targeting. Marketers refine their ads and deliver them to the people they believe are most likely to engage, based on demographics, location, and even the type of content they watch.

  1. Improved relevance

CTV is popular with some estimates saying that 213.7 million people connect to such a device every month. It makes sense for brands to be present on the platforms as well, as it can help them stay relevant and in the consumer’s eyesight.

  1. Comprehensive measurement & data insights

CTV marketing also tracks essential user data which businesses can leverage to perfect their campaigns. You can see who viewed your ads, when, what type of content performs best, and more vital consumer information.

  1. Time & cost savings

Like with most digital marketing efforts, CTV advertising saves a lot of time for businesses. Ads can be easily set up and approved, and spending can be controlled down to the last cent. This can help when you are working on a limited budget.

How Do You Measure the Effectiveness of CTV Advertising?

There are lots of metrics you can track in CTV advertising, but three types, in particular, paint a very telling picture:

  • Standard KPI Measurement – there are your views, impressions, and cost per action, which give you a good understanding of ad performance;
  • Website performance measurement – this tracks the consumer journey from the ad through the website, such as if they purchase a product or sign up for a newsletter;
  • Footfall attribution – this metric tracks offline behaviors, which is essential if you have a physical location and want consumers to visit.

These 3 types of metrics are at the forefront of tracking CTV marketing performance across the board.

NLA Media Is Here to Support Your CTV Advertising Journey

Connected to TV advertising brings a lot of exciting new opportunities at many marketers’ doorsteps, but the key to reaching success still falls to the quality of your strategy.

If you’re looking to get started with CTV marketing, we at NLA Media are ready to help support your goals and design an effective strategy to help you. We have an extensive catalog of advertising services that can empower your business to reach consumers more effectively and increase your conversions, and your revenue.

Let the CTV advertising team at NLA Media assist you and your business! Reach out to us today for more information