Case Study

Physical Therapy Chain: El Paso, TX

Addressable Geofencing

A physical therapy chain in El Paso, TX wanted to promote its pain relief services. The goal was to drive visits to nine of its offices and report on the overall cost per visit (CPV). They leveraged addressable targeting and advanced attribution reporting to deliver and report on a large number of physical conversions at a low cost.

The physical therapy chain wanted to reach users with active lifestyles. Therefore, they build an audience of 115,731 individual addresses in the El Paso DMA in real-time including hospitals, medical buildings, and households with users who were 35+ years old and interested in aerobics, fitness, or healthy living. The strategy included drawing Conversion Zones around the advertiser’s nine chosen locations to track users who visited an office after receiving an ad. To complement the custom addressable audience, they implemented Search Retargeting, Keyword Contextual, and Category Contextual tactics using 1,154 keywords and contexts related to athletic injuries pain, orthopedics, and physical therapy. The campaign was optimized at the keyword level to ensure maximum performance and minimal wasted impressions.