Case Study

National Baked Goods Brand

Conversion Zones & Geofencing

A national baked goods brand wanted to increase foot traffic into their 166 stores during the winter holiday period. With a goal to maximize conversions over a two-week flight, and apply an equal budget for every store around the country, the comprehensive strategy would need to target relevant users, drive up CTR, track conversions, and increase purchases.

The custom solution utilized Geofencing and Conversion Zones to track conversions in their stores around the United States. First, the campaign was set-up by building hundreds of custom-shaped Geofenced areas focused on shopping centers where the advertiser’s stores are located. Next, 166 Conversion Zones were created for each store location in the country in order to measure the number of individuals who visited the store after being delivered an ad. The campaign was delivered exclusively to mobile devices and featured both static and video creative.

After launching, the team working to further optimize the campaign on the back-end by fine-tuning geofences to maximize impressions and accurately track conversions. The team also adjusted frequency capping, dayparting, and removed under-performing domains and apps to improve CTR and maximize relevant impressions.