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Campaign Overview

Reputation management is essential for any business, but it’s especially important for businesses that rely on customer trust, like dentists. A single negative review can damage a dentist’s reputation, making it difficult to attract new patients.

But what can dentists do to mitigate the impact of negative reviews and improve their reputation? One solution is reputation management outreach. This involves reaching out to happy customers and asking them to leave positive reviews. It can often help to offset any negative reviews that may have been left and improve the overall impression of the business.

Our team was able to increase the number of positive reviews over the course of a year. We were able to garner an average of 22 five-star reviews per month through our reputation management outreach programs. Increasing the number of positive reviews helped to negate sub-par reviews overall.

The reputation management outreach program worked extremely well for us, and we credit it with going a long way in mitigating the impact of any negative review

400% return on investment within four months

Average cost per result of just $0.78