Marketing Consulting

We get it.  Not everyone wants to work with an outside agency, and you may need someone in your day-to-day operations to tackle your marketing.  If you are handling marketing in-house, you can still take advantage of an entire team of marketing experts with NLA Media’s new Consulting Packages.  Hiring NLA Media (formerly Newell Ledbetter Advertising) to support your marketing team, whether they are a single individual or a group, will help you achieve your business goals. 

When you need unbiased, professional, and timely advice on which marketing strategy to employ, how to launch a fundraiser, or you’ve hit a roadblock with Facebook, we can help!  NLA Media has been helping businesses both large and small for over 25 years, and by adding consulting to our offerings, we know we can help even more businesses. 

marketing consulting

Why Choose NLA for Your Consulting Needs?

NLA Media’s team gives you a trusted place to turn to when you want to do it yourself, but you don’t know quite where to start.  We don’t expect you to know everything about your business AND how to market it; so why not get some insider insight and make your time and efforts work harder? 

Consulting is beneficial in any capacity, whether it be per-session or our one-of-a-kind monthly membership.  Our team can help you with social media strategy for an upcoming event, sale, or special, teach you how to create a Facebook ad, help you research and vet fundraising opportunities for your nonprofit, and help answer many other questions as it relates to marketing your business.  

With NLA Media’s Consulting Plans, you will gain the undivided attention of a marketing expert who wants you to succeed.  Our motto is, “Your Success is Our Success”, and that’s exactly what we mean.  We can answer any questions you have, strategize a plan to move forward, review how you’re currently marketing your brand or product, and help you achieve your goals faster than if you were to go it alone. 

Our Consulting Packages are perfect for employers AND employees!  Whether you are a Solopreneur who needs guidance but isn’t ready to completely outsource, a busy business owner who recently hired a marketing intern, or you yourself are a team member who is passionate about marketing but just starting out, NLA Media’s Consulting Plans will help you to move forward with confidence. 

Our 90-minute sessions are held virtually via Zoom or at our office in Colorado Springs and can be held as often as you’d like for a per-session charge.  These are perfect for social media issues and learning specific skills. 

For businesses who want optimized support around the clock, our Monthly Consulting Memberships give you unlimited email correspondence with our Consulting Staff as well as 2 hours of conference calls/meetings each month.  This package gives you the flexibility you need so you can handle all aspects of marketing at once. 

Either of NLA Media’s Consulting Plans give you the flexibility and affordability to take control of your marketing, with confidence.  As you grow, we are here for you to help you onboard your in-house marketing team or work with you as your trusted marketing agency for years to come!  Contact us today for a quote and to get started! 

Let us improve your marketing!

When you partner with NLA Media, you’re partnering with the best. Our full range of marketing services will ensure you’re in front of your prospective customer, wherever they are – Online, TV, Radio.