Dental Marketing

Written by Zachary Ledbetter

For years, we’ve had the privilege of helping our dental practice clients grow their businesses in terms of both revenue and client base. In fact, working with dentists and their specific goals is our specialty! When marketing a dental practice, it is important to consider the specific treatments offered by the dentist. While all dentists categorize themselves as “general dentists” who offer a variety of services and treatments, many dentists also claim a niche, such as pediatric sedation, sports dentistry, or invisible braces. For example, sedation dentistry is a booming business that has helped dentists expand their services for fearful patients, and dental implants are on the rise as baby boomers find ways to maintain an active lifestyle and protect their oral health. Whether it’s cosmetic, sedation, or implant technology, knowing how to market a dentist’s specific niche is crucial to the practice’s advertising success.

Human beings are visual creatures, and we are more likely to develop trust in someone if we can meet that person face-to-face. These same principles apply when it comes to marketing a dental practice. We have found again and again that personal stories are the most effective strategy when it comes to sending a clear advertising message. Real-life patient testimonials allow the viewing audience to hear stories similar to their own, communicating a familiar message that many can relate to – stories about fear (sedation dentistry), embarrassment (cosmetic dentistry), denture discomfort (implant dentistry), or general oral health (hygiene). Patient testimonials allow the viewing audience to “see” themselves in the dental chair.

Additionally, research continues to show that women between the ages of 35 and 64 are usually the ones responsible for making family and health related appointments, so targeting the right demographic when it comes to advertising dental health services and treatments is essential. We have found that having the dentist on camera delivering a message of care and compassion immediately increases the level of trust in the viewing audience. When the potential patient makes that initial phone call, she already feels she knows the dentist who will be helping her and her family. Knowing the right message for the right demographic requires consistent research on the part of the advertising agency. We have the expertise when it comes to marketing professional dental and health related services and enjoy helping dentists grow their practice.

Zachary Ledbetter is an Account Executive with Newell Ledbetter Advertising Inc. Zach specializes in advertising for dental practices as well as creating broadcast media strategies using network television, cable television, radio and the internet. Call (719) 635-9988 for more information or contact us on

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