How Social Media Helps With Advertising

Think of the last time you were scrolling one of your social media accounts and an advertisement for a certain brand or company popped up. At this point, as you passed it by, you didn’t really have a choice other than to glance at it while continuing to browse. The fact of the matter is that social media plays a tremendous part in advertising today. Almost every person you come across has had some form of social media in which they utilize on a regular basis. It can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, or another form of social media. It is apparent that companies today have an extremely convenient way to advertise and market their content to millions of people through the simple click of a button. The advantages of marketing with social media are numerous, and here are just a few of those reasons.

High Volume of Traffic

As many people continue to utilize social media, each advertisement posted will continue to gain a high volume of traffic to your site. With such a large amount of diverse people on these social media platforms, there are various different needs which allows them to be marketed to. With the proper social media management, a company has an excellent opportunity to market to a broad audience on these platforms. Even once an ad is posted on social media by the company, users will continue to share the post helping gain even more traffic. People who are not even following the company still have the potential to view the posting you made due to others who have “liked” or “shared” the content.

Converting Views to Customers

As new clients view your ads and other content on social media, capitalizing and converting these views into new customers is the goal. Catching the eye of those who see your ads helps to convert views into customers. Posting content that directly engages potential customers allows them to see how the company interacts with others. This is a huge selling point as consumers are always looking to make that personal connection with a company before they give them their business. How the social media management team handles their interactions with the people can play a big role in gaining new customers. If they are positively engaging with them, then there is a very good chance that you can convert these individuals into future customers.

Retaining Loyal Customers

It’s one thing to gain new clients, however, the ultimate end goal is to retain and develop a base of loyal customers. Without retaining customers the business will begin to collapse. Social media provides an excellent way to help you keep customers even when they are not shopping or browsing your store physically. When you have the opportunity to post on social media, these posts will be visible on the customer’s news feed as they are scrolling their accounts. Whether it be a sale, tip, or just an update about your brand, the customer has instant access to news about your company. The more you are engaged on social media and making regular postings, the more loyal customers you will gain. If you are inactive on social media there is always the possibility that some of your customers will no longer follow your account.

Provides Excellent Customer Service

The very first thing that consumers look for in a company before investing their time and money is customer service. Social media provides the opportunity to display a friendly yet helpful tone in the way that your company chooses to interact with customers online. Potential clients have the chance to visit the companies social media accounts to see reviews, as well as firsthand how they treat their consumers. In a sense, you are humanizing the brand just by the way you are conversing with people. Remaining attentive to all comments that you receive on your accounts lets the customers know that your brand takes their opinion to heart. The type of customer service that is provided online is often indicative of the service that is provided in person as well.

Low Cost Advertisement

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to advertise your brand, then social media is a definite form of low-cost advertisement. All of the previous social media outlets mentioned are absolutely free to sign up for. Even if you choose to sign up for a paid promotion on the different accounts, it’s significantly cheaper than any other marketing options you may be considering. The return that you will receive through these extremely low cost and free platforms to advertise on will be well worth it!

Market Insight

Gaining market insight through advertising on social media can help provide a better idea of what consumers are looking for. The feedback you receive from clients is resourceful, as it helps to guide the company in the right direction. This allows the company to gain the inside scoop on how you can better set up your business to gain future clients as well. Essentially, you are able to operate your social media accounts as a research tool to navigate the market. You are able to learn different ways you can improve and keep your company moving forward as well as implement any needed changes. It also allows your company to keep an eye on all of your market competitors.

Utilizing all of these different advertising mechanisms through social medial will steadily help you to grow your business. The amount of traffic and interaction you can get through social media advertisement alone is incredible. It not only allows you to market your brand at very little cost, but also provides your company with a large platform in which they can promote the business. Over time, you can continue to convert those people who run across your advertisements into potential customers. Through having a knowledgeable social media team who knows how to operate and post regularly, your company will have the opportunity to increase sales.

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