Reputation Management For Your Brand

These days – with online comment sections, opinion blogs, and the incendiary nature of social media – managing one’s online character and professional standing is more important than ever. Reputation management strategies can help you do just that.

RM is the practice of monitoring, regulating, and influencing public perceptions of an individual, brand, or business.

Think “public relations,” a term used back in the day to denote the management of public opinion and information sharing. With the rapid progression and ever-increasing use of the Internet and, more specifically, social media outlets, reputation management has become an essential element in overseeing one’s public image. This includes business image. Newell Ledbetter Advertising’s ORM (online reputation management) allows a business owner to respond directly to customer questions and feedback via an online forum, which supports positive customer relations, which, in turn, can lead to repeat business and increased revenue. By engaging directly with buyers who leave feedback, the business owner can then develop products and services that best meet customer needs and demands. Online reputation management is an effective tool in creating and maintaining a positive relationship with new customers and clients, as well as ensuring repeat business from existing patrons.

Online Reputation Management strategies offer the business owner a measure of control over how his or her business is perceived publicly. You may think you’re doing great with customer satisfaction, for example, while the customers may not be so impressed and may leave negative comments in an online forum somewhere out there in virtual space. But how would you know they had done so? Without online reputation management tools, you would not be able to track the comments – positive or negative – made about your business.

That could greatly affect your bottom line. ORM allows businesses to monitor and respond to negative and potentially damaging comments before they get out of control and end up infiltrating every social media outlet there is. Word of mouth is powerful. Make it work to your advantage.

Online reputation management experts agree that one of the best approaches to implement regarding virtual public image is to manage the visibility of negative comments. This is very different from removing negative content altogether, which we strongly discourage. We can help you manage your online reputation by monitoring search engine results, proactively responding to feedback, and publishing useful, positive information that really speaks to your mission statement.

Following are some of the many benefits of ORM (on line reputation management):

  • Improves the flagging of customer testimonials/comments in order to address negative content in a timely manner
  • Publishes business reviews on all relevant reputation management platforms
  • Submits online press releases and other content to relevant websites (promotes brand/business presence and suppresses negative content)
  • Submits a legal ‘demand for removal’ if a business believes it has been slandered or maliciously represented
  • Creates a safe-guard against a business that shares the same name and may have negative reviews
  • Responds proactively to public criticism in order to reclaim positive public image and reputation

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