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Since regular network broadcasts began in 1947, television has been the single most powerful means of communicating on a mass level. In fact, Nielsen Media Research shows today’s households spend more time with the television than with any other medium. Adults spend 4 hours and 46 minutes watching live and time-shifted TV, compared to 46 minutes watching on TV-connected devices, 10 minutes with video on a computer, 10 minutes with video on a smartphone and 5 minutes on a tablet. When comparing the amount of time adult consumers spend watching television to the amount of time they spend with other media, television is the winner in every single demographic category.

TV Advertising With Newell Ledbetter Advertising Agency

Television advertising remains the most cost-effective and efficient way to get your message out to the masses. However, using this medium involves navigating complex systems, including budgetary limits, local and national negotiations, and market and ad placement research. No matter the medium, ongoing market and demographic analysis is vital to a successful advertising campaign. Being aware of changing shifts and trends helps our clients best utilize their advertising dollars so they can achieve the best results – increased revenue and clientele. By utilizing a variety of television commercial lengths and formats, we can effectively reach our client’s target demographic. TV buying is complicated.  Newell Ledbetter Advertising makes using broadcast television advertising simple and successful.  Since 1996, we have utilized proven advertising formulas that get results.  We eliminate the pitfalls and mistakes businesses often make when using more complicated media. Take a look at our Television Portfolio!

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