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Broadcast Television Advertising

Even with streaming services galore (who else has about five apps to watch their favorite shows?), television advertising still works.  In fact, since the invention of television, it has been the single most powerful way to reach the masses, and that reach multiplies when pairing television advertising with additional mediums, like social media and CTV.   

At NLA Media (formerly Newell Ledbetter Advertising), we help you save both time and money when it comes to television advertising.  Our creative team writes, conceptualizes, and pairs you with the best production team for your project and budget.  Because we negotiate rates on your behalf, we are able to get you the highest frequency possible, reaching your target demographic at prime times.  We only put you on the stations that make sense, and will help you to keep your messaging fresh and ahead of the competition.  Our proven strategies and outside-the-box creative allows our clients to compete with the bigger businesses in their industry!  Our goal is to help you exceed your business goals while avoiding the mistakes that can be made by tackling media placement on your own.

Cable Television Advertising

Cable television has come a long way, with the launch into space and beaming of digital signals from all over the globe right into our homes.  With no wires or cables required for this innovative technology, cable companies can now offer access to more programming options than ever before on a basic level as well as premium ones that are tailored specifically towards your needs!  If you are looking for a cost-effective way to get your advertising message out there, cable television may be the perfect fit.  We use proven formulas and research age-specific programming schedules in order to make sure that viewers of each gender will see our commercials when they’re most receptive!  Click here if this sounds like something we could help with or just want more information about how we can properly place ads on certain channels available only through TV! 


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