Written by Zachary Ledbetter

  1. Over 70 years experience in advertising and promotions.
    Our vast experience with radio, cable, and broadcast television allows us to specialize in the mediums of broadcast advertising.
  2. Excellent negotiation skills
    Newell Ledbetter Advertising has a win-win attitude for the client. We have been negotiating media successfully for over 24 years.
  3. The ability to make things happen
    The most unique quality about Newell Ledbetter Advertising is the ability to take an idea or concept and turn it into an advertising reality.
  4. The latest computer software and market data available for advertising placement
    Newell Ledbetter Advertising constantly updates computer software with the latest market data. Because we have the best programs in the industry, we can find your target customer and use this valuable information to your advantage.
  5. Honesty and Integrity
    References are available upon request.
  6. Control of your business
    Newell Ledbetter Advertising realizes you have a business to run; which is no small task. So by letting us handle your advertising, it enables you to do what you do best, run your business.
  7. An employee who doesn’t cost you a dime
    The broadcast media allows advertising agencies a 15% agency discount from the negotiated rates. So why not take advantage of the expertise of Newell Ledbetter Advertising? We can make your advertising work for you.

Zachary Ledbetter is an Account Executive with Newell Ledbetter Advertising Inc. Zach specializes in creating broadcast media strategies using network television, cable television, radio and the internet. Call (719) 635-9988 for more information or contact us on www.nlamedia.com.