Written by Zachary Ledbetter

You want the truth? Okay. It won’t be easy to hear, but here it is: You’re looking old and tired. You’re slower than ever and you don’t make sense. You can’t find anything and when someone asks you a question, you draw a blank. In other words, dear website, you need a makeover.

Two handsome businessmen working together on a project sitting at a table in the officeThere. We said it. This may sound like an exaggeration. You may be thinking, “I have a website (est. 1989). I’m  “online” (okey doke). I have a “web presence” (being present is important). I’m good. No, really. I’m gooood.”

The truth is with technology improving by leaps and bounds Google’s search algorithms change weekly, if not daily (hourly?) to keep up with competitive demands. To explain, an algorithm is basically a step-by-step procedure for calculations. Computer systems use these calculations to gather, evaluate, and disseminate information. Today, Google remains the number one global search engine and these algorithms are how Google ranks things like – you got it – websites! In order to achieve the highest possible ranking with the #1 global search engine, your website should be as optimized as possible. You may be thinking, “What the heck does that mean?” Good question.

There are numerous components involved in this complicated formula. For example, choosing the right Web Host is a primary element to your makeover. Think about it – if you go see a makeup artist and they put some bright blue eye shadow, deep red rouge, and super-shiny lip gloss on your face, you’ll get some funny looks at first, people will snicker and then move on. You want someone who’s up on the latest styles and strategies to make you look your best. You want people to look at you for the right reasons. If your Web Host is outdated and neglects the latest technological advances and trends, this will adversely affect your Google ranking and the ability of potential consumers to find your business on the World Wide Web. They may stop, look, snicker, but then they’ll move on. Once they do find you, your goal is to keep them looking.

Another example is making sure every page of your website is as optimized as possible. Many business owners falsely believe that as long as their home (landing) page is optimized they don’t have to optimize the remaining sections of their website. So, back to our makeup artist example. Imagine the artist makes your face look absolutely stunning. Your natural good looks and allure are greatly enhanced by what the artist has done. But then the artist makes you wear an unflattering outfit that does not even come close to communicating who you truly are and what you’re truly about. If your home page is beautiful and alluring, but the remainder of your website doesn’t match the consumer’s expectation, they’ll stop looking. They’ll move on to the next website that catches their eye and maybe even marry it. For life. Your goal as a business owner is to get them to look, and then knock their socks off with everything you’ve got to offer. And the thing about consumers is they are looking for a match made in heaven. Your website is the first step in establishing a wonderful courtship and lifelong love affair. And that’s what you want.

Other important components to consider when making your website as lovely as possible include…

  • Accessibility (page load times, text, fonts)
  • Identity (logos, slogans, images)
  • Navigation (easy, reasonable, consistent)
  • Content (critical, clear, concise, meaningful)

At Newell Ledbetter Advertising, Inc. we’ve helped countless clients overhaul their websites, with excellent results. We offer multiple services to help our clients reach potential clients, including website optimization, social media consciousness, and staff training. No blue eye shadow and lip gloss here! We’ll help your business find the perfect consumer match in a world ripe with technological possibility!

Zachary Ledbetter is an Account Executive with Newell Ledbetter Advertising Inc. Zach specializes in media placement, online marketing as well as creating marketing strategies using network television, cable television, radio and the internet. Call (719) 635-9988 for more information or contact us on www.nlamedia.com