Why should you consider an advertising agency?

Whether you are just starting up a new business or you have been in the game for years, utilizing a successful Advertising Agency is paramount to your success.  Ad agencies handle a multitude of responsibilities specifically tailored to each of their individual clients.  Their problem/solution mentality will be an irreplaceable benefit for your business.  Their goal is to plan, prepare and place all your advertising so you and your employees can focus on your business.

What do advertising agencies do?

Advertising agencies are responsible for obtaining and keeping their clients.  A relationship with an agency begins with an initial proposal made by the agency to your business.  They will talk about their initial ideas for your brand based on their own preliminary research.  If ready to start your journey, the agency will present to you a more in-depth proposal with an agency plan for your business, prices, and expectations.  Once everything is agreed upon, a contract, including a Non-Disclosure Agreement, will be created and signed by all parties.

Account Executives and Coordinators

Once signed, you will have an initial strategy and planning meetings with your Account Executive, sometimes called an “Advertising Coordinator”.  This individual is assigned with the task of planning, creating and executing your advertising campaigns.   They will also provide your day-to-day customer service and support to ensure the effectiveness of your business objectives in marketing.  They work closely with you, as the business owner, as well as with the entire internal team within the agency.  This role is vital and requires someone with exceptional integrity and relationship skills.  Their close attention to detail will make your transition into marketing easy, fast and fun.  At NLA, our Account Executives are solution driven and will be there with you every step of the way.  As your partner, your success is their success.

Creating your ads

Once the agency gets going on all your advertising plans and strategies, they will continue to do all kinds of essential research.  They will conduct detailed research about your brand and the industries related to your business.  They will tactically vet out current and future marketing possibilities and keep you in the know.  The best agencies have what it takes to keep you ahead of your competition in the market.  They will study your target demographic and strategize the most successful way to effectively reach those individuals. Market research is a chore that takes time and skill.  Trusting an agency to take over this daunting task is a smart investment.

Advertising planning, creation and execution are all delegated to your advertising agency.  They will come up with a result-driven plan to present to you.  Once the campaign plan is approved, they will go forward with the creative process.

Putting your advertising plan into action involves a talented creative team.  The successful creation of ads is one of the most important functions of your ad agency.  They are responsible for developing all your original copy, drawings/graphics/photography, and advertisement layouts. An effective call to action for your ads is also imperative to the success of your campaign.  The creative team will generate an advantageous call to action that will drive quality traffic to your business.  The experts who carry out these functions are vital to a great advertising agency.  These individuals must be highly-skilled with a forward-thinking mindset.  Keeping your creative fresh, new, and appealing to potential customers, is vital to your business’ survival.


As a business owner, you know the importance of a good strategy.  Your advertising agency will too.  Through experimentation with several different types of strategies such as OTT or Social Media adevertising, your agency will have a solid history of successfully reaching and influencing customers to buy products or services.  At Newell Ledbetter Advertising, we are proud to have a team whose influential strategies will meet and exceed the aims of your business.  Did you know NLA also produces a huge variety of well-planned and accomplished advertisements?  We create highly effective ads for television, radio, digital marketing and social media. It is amazing to watch what active strategizing and creative does for your online presence.

Media Buying

In advertising management, media buying is the function in which prices and placements are negotiated with multiple media affiliates.  This position requires an extensive knowledge of key market demographics, ratings and reach of several media channels.  The skill of negotiation is highly sought in an advertising agency.  For a product or industry, the agency Media Buyer will consider station formats, pricing rates, geographic location to name a few.  Our media buying department at NLA can purchase media inventory either regionally, or nationally.  Our buyer will plan the best placements for your ads that will be adaptable nationally as well as area to area.  It is a full-time job do get your media buying and placements right, having an agency that does it all makes the most sense.

Did you know that the relationship between the agency and the multimedia channel affiliates will add value to your advertising investment?  A better relationship means a better rate.  At NLA, we celebrate these relationships and guarantee the most for your media dollars.

Ad Monitoring

Once your ads are up and running, you obviously want to know how successful they are.  That is where ad tracking comes into play.  Ad tracking can sometimes be referred to as “post-testing” or “ad effectiveness tracking”.  This type of research involves monitoring several key indicators of success.  Your agency will look at how much you invested versus the how many in your target demographic were reached as well as frequency of the ad (how many times an individual saw your ad).

The effectiveness of your ad placement along with targeting and the quality of the advertisement’s creative, are all closely considered throughout your entire campaign.  Depending on the type of business or service you offer, the time it takes to monitor your ad is adjusted accordingly.  Your agency should have a strong strategy for the monitoring of your business’ ads.  You should expect them to keep you informed of any major changes needed to keep your ad relevant and active.  If the desired results aren’t met, a new strategy is created and implemented.

Reputation Management

Lastly, we want to talk about a commonly overlooked responsibility of an advertising agency:  Reputation Management.  Your ad agency should be vital in helping influence and shape your brands reputation.  This type of management is designed to control your online reputation.  The rise of Social Media and review sites call for consistent, extensive monitoring.  If your agency does not offer this valuable service, you might consider looking for one who does, like NLA.  Here, we will not only track and respond to all your reviews on all platforms, we are able to run review campaigns.  These campaigns have been proven successful in generating new, genuine and helpful reviews for your business.

In conclusion, it’s our advice to partner with an award-winning advertising agency when you are ready to start your marketing journey.  The skills required, the time involved, and the continuous monitoring of your advertisements can be draining on you and your employees.  We guarantee success if you follow the guidance of an established agency.  For more information about what an agency can do for you, please visit our website at www.nlamedia.com or call us!  We are ready when you are!