Newell Ledbetter Advertising – Your Colorado Advertising Agency

Newell Ledbetter Advertising opened its doors on April 1, 1996. Our primary goal was to work with local professionals to increase their business. Since that time, we have built an impressive client list to include over 70 private business owners as well as professionals in the dental and medical fields nationwide. Our clientele consists of businesses that rely primarily on incoming phone calls in order to maintain and grow their business. We have the unique ability to drive phone calls by utilizing the power of broadcast media and online marketing strategies.

Because of the extensive experience the Newell Ledbetter Advertising team has in working with broadcast and online media, our clients have a competitive advantage when they choose us to handle their marketing, branding, and advertising. With over 120 years of combined experience, we know how to:

  1. Produce highly effective radio and television commercials that achieve optimum results,
  2. Negotiate rates that benefit the advertising objectives
  3. Produce results for our clients
  4. Create website design, SEO, SEM, advanced analytics, social strategies, along with all of the other marketing trends currently being utilized by competitors.

Newell Ledbetter Advertising has been consistently recognized by the Pikes Peak Advertising Federation throughout the decades we have been operating, earning numerous awards for television and radio commercials that cost a fraction of the amount some other comparable quality commercials might cost to produce. Because of our outstanding market negotiation skills and the efficiency of our creative services department, our clients receive all of our expertise without the burden of retainer fees or on-the-clock consultation charges. We take a great deal of pride in sharing our unrivaled proficiency and distinctive perspective with all of our clients.

Newell Ledbetter Head of Advertising

Newell Ledbetter, President

Newell Ledbetter, founder, owner and president of Newell Ledbetter Advertising, began his advertising agency in 1996 after 18 years in television, radio and cable advertising sales. Since then, Newell has built a successful agency that services over seventy clients, both locally and nationally. Newell is very involved with the community, networking with business owners and keeping his finger on the pulse of Colorado Springs’ trends and developments. Newell holds a BFA in Broadcasting & Film and works tirelessly to ensure our clients’ success.

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Zach Ledbetter, Vice President of Business Development

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Zachary holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration, with an emphasis in marketing. He spent three months interning with the NLA team, which allowed him the opportunity to gain important insights into the challenging world of broadcast television and radio advertising as well as learn more about effective client relations and market research. Zach manages new client accounts, developing company partnerships and building a strong presence in the community through professional networking and client outreach.

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Kathy Hogeboom, Executive Administrative Assistant

Kathy oversees all aspects of office management for Newell Ledbetter Advertising. Kathy has over 25 years in local and network radio administration, and has worked for the renowned Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB). With a keen sense for detail, Kathy makes sure all media invoicing and itemizations are reconciled and delivered to our clients in the most efficient and timely manner. She brings immeasurable experience, energy and enthusiasm to our office, as well as a quick wit and ever-present smile.


Bethany Kucana, Digital Marketing Director

With a Bachelor’s Degree in the Arts from Coastal Carolina University, Bethany brings to NLA a passion for creativity. As an ambitious person, she lives with a drive to consistently excel by goal setting and strategizing. As a Social Media Manager, she looks forward to driving your business through innovative content and superior customer service.
In her free time, Bethany enjoys exploring Colorado. She also loves to sing and is known for being an active member of local theatre groups. She has two cats and a dog, Mona, Murphy, and Max.



Lynn Williams, Executive Administrative Assistant

Lynn is new to Colorado but loves it here. Even the weather!!! Lynn brings her vast knowledge of accounting & billing to the agency. On the weekends she loves spending time with her grandkids Attalee & Grant.



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Lilee Wright, Communications Specialist

Lilee brings the NLA team her upbeat and bubbly attitude. With a BA in Communication with an emphasis in Organizational and Strategic Communication, Lilee comes from a background of superb customer service skills and excels in bringing forth those skills to support marketing and building on our reputation management services. Raised here in the springs she naturally loves to be outside and enjoys nature and climbing mountains. She enjoys these activities more now that she has an addition to her family; Nova, the German Shepherd Dog.


Morgana LeBold, Social Media Consultant

Morgana assists the team at NLA with social media marketing to help our clients increase their reach and improve ROI.  Morgana has a passion for creating stellar social media content for clients that help reflect each brand’s unique style and vision and learns everything she can in this ever-changing landscape.  Branding through social media while creating a personal connection with fans is what she enjoys the most about social media marketing, and her favorite time each month is when she gets to show clients the areas they have improved.  She has lived in beautiful Colorado for most of her life and spends her weekends eating great food and spending time in nature.