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Network TV Advertising

Network television remains the single most powerful advertising medium for reaching mass audiences.

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Cable TV Advertising

Cable television advertising targets specific demographics, increasing the coverage of the client's message.

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Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is a spectacular way to create a theatre of the mind. You can "see it" on the radio!

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Internet Advertising

Internet media is a critical aspect to your success. Maximize your business's online presence!

Colorado Springs Marketing Services - Newell Ledbetter Advertising

We directly affect your bottom line by:

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Providing marketing and business consultation with no additional charges. We are a commission-based agency, not a fee-based agency focusing on highly recommended processes and services.
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Arranging radio and television production on a net cost basis. As an Agency, we do not add fees to your production.
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Freeing you from having to work with every media salesperson in your market. We review and aproach all marketing proposals; you see only the proposals from our team that will work for your business.
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Eliminating ineffective advertising. Our company puts focusses on top advertising that works and targets your customer with the most powerful media available.

We specifically provide expertise in:

broadcast media advertising
Excellent negotiation skills. We have been successfully negotiating broadcast media since 1978.
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Over 30 years experience in Advertising and Promotions. We know what works and what doesn't.
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Business-generating solutions. We can take your ideas and make things happen.
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Powerful software and marketing data, which enable us to systematically find your target customer in broadcast media.

We specialize in targeted marketing strategies using the powerful advertising mediums of TV, Radio, & Online Marketing.

Newell Ledbetter Advertising is a full-service agency known for getting results in marketing and advertising. We have the expertise and long-standing industry experience to determine and place the right media for your business. We have been helping businesses from Colorado Springs, CO and across the country with their marketing needs for more than two decades. We help our clients eliminate ineffective and fragmented advertising and focus only on marketing campaigns that will provide your business with results. Our goal is to target your customer with the most powerful medias available. We know you will be able to build your business using our team's know-how and find long-term satisfaction.

Newell Ledbetter Advertising realizes you have a business to run, which is no small task. By letting us handle your marketing, it enables you to do what you do best, run your business.

The most unique quality about Newell Ledbetter Advertising is the ability to utilize all media strategies to take an idea or concept and turn it into an advertising reality.

Bottom line, we strive to serve. Newell Ledbetter Advertising was founded on honesty and integrity with a philosophy of “Our Success Depends On Your Success.” These are the values we share with our clients and are the values instilled in all of our team members. Our team members are our number one asset and they push themselves every day to exceed expectations.

You know your business, we know marketing! Maximize your results and Let’s Talk!

Honesty and integrity. Our success depends on your success.