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We are a full-service marketing agency that has been in business for 25 years. By “full-service”, we mean we can handle everything related to marketing for you: from website design, SEO and SEM, to social media management and Facebook Advertising, to putting your company on the best radio and TV stations for your demographic; we truly do it all so that you can focus on running your business.

We work with all types of industries and business types. If your business needs marketing, let’s schedule a meeting and see if we might be a good fit! We work with businesses as their partner, not a vendor. That means that your success is our success, and we partner with companies who align with our values and who we know we can deliver ROI. Could you be our next success story?

When you work with NLA Media, you’re working with a team of professionals. We monitor every campaign implemented while you work with us, and pride ourselves on transparency and analytics. After all, numbers don’t lie! We work closely with you to ensure that leads are coming in, sales are being closed, and your campaign goals are being met every month.

Yes! Whether you need custom social media graphics, website content, streaming ad design, menus created, or posters for your location; we can help. Social media and commercial video production vary by project, and we either handle those projects in-house, or by utilizing one of our trusted partners to deliver outstanding results, every time.

It’s important to know that nothing happens overnight.  The timeline to see your marketing results depends on which services you need, your goals, and your budget.  Contact us and we will be happy to discuss your exact needs.

Yes!  We work with clients locally in Colorado and Nationwide.

There are several factors that go into developing your essential campaigns. Depending on your goals, the costs for your campaign are completely unique to your brand. Customized marketing plans typically start around $2,000/month.

We guarantee to provide your business with the best strategies that will set you up for success.  We guarantee to always be transparent and honest.  We guarantee you will be provided with analytics and we’ll present them in a way you will understand.  We guarantee our full dedication to you and your business.

Throughout our 25 years of business, we have partnered with several hundred small and medium sized businesses.  The brands who we would consider “not successful” account for only 2%.  Some of the common reasons for their “failure” include: not having a business plan, a lack in business customer services, employing a disengaged internal sales staff, lack of client communication, allowing inexperienced staff to make decisions, and an unwillingness to change internal structure to achieve their marketing goals.  When we partner with companies who are open to trusting our proven strategies, the sky is the limit!

OTT stands for over-the-top marketing.  Why is it called that?  We have no idea. But we know how to be amazing at it.  OTT gives your business the opportunity to advertise to individuals and families who are watching connected TV.  This type of advertising allows you to reach the “cable-cutters” of the world. 

Utilizing an agency like NLA to handle your marketing gives you access to a team of certified experts who will implement the best strategies while maximizing your budget.  Instead of hiring an individual in-house to handle your marketing, you can have your OWN TEAM of marketing geniuses who have your best interests at heart.  Your message and content will always be fresh and in-line with the latest trends and successful outlets.  We are a bunch of nerds and will hyper-focus on your analytics to determine what is working and what’s not, while adjusting your strategies as needed.

Actually Television advertising is the lowest cost per percentage point in every market we have purchase across the country. That sounds like a superfluous statement, however most people think of the cost of the Super Bowl commercials and relate that cost to their market. We know how to make Television advertising affordable and successful for our clients.

It’s a known fact the human memory is poor at best. Let me give you an example. When I first started in the advertising industry I was discussing a marketing plan with my client when a customer walked in the door. I sat waiting for my client to finish with his customer. As the customer was leaving the store, my client asked how he heard about his store. The customer said he saw the stores commercial on Good Morning America. My client thanked the customer. I asked my client when he started advertising on TV. He said he only used radio. It appears the customer may have heard the radio commercial at the same time the TV was on. The human mind is a wonderful thing, but it doesn’t do real well with total recall. We are bombarded with 1,000’s of messages daily. The best gauge to whether your advertising is working or not is what is happening with your new client base. If your new client base is lower than the previous month and year, it would be important to analyze the advertising you are doing. We are always available for a second opinion.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Depending on the market, a viewer could have as many as 400 TV channels in which to chose. Currently Neilsen Rating service says Cable channels are garnering upwards of 40% of all viewing audiences and over the air broadcast channels are getting 60% of the viewing audience. The big difference is the size of the piece of pie each are getting. Cable will divide it’s 40% with 395 networks. Broadcast TV will divide it’s 60% by 5 networks. Currently an advertiser can still reach 85-90% of their target audience with a broadcast advertising schedule. The most you can reach with cable in practically any market is 50-55% of your target audience. Of course there are a few exceptions but very few.

In some larger markets such as Chicago, broadcast television advertising can be prohibitive for clients who only have one location in the market. In situations like this we will use a combination of radio and cable advertising. Sometimes radio is the only viable medium that can be used because of the cable penetration in the particular market. With radio the maximum reach you can achieve is 60% in a particular market, if you were to use all of the radio stations in your market. However, to reach 60% of your target audience using only radio can also become cost prohibitive for an advertiser who only has one location in a large metro area. If cable is available in a market and their household penetration is over 60%, cable can be used as a stand-alone medium. Using Cable and Radio advertising in combination works almost as well as using broadcast television advertising in the larger markets where broadcast TV is prohibitive.

This is the most difficult question to answer. We as advertisers like to see and hear people saying, “I came to you because of your radio, cable or television advertising.” As a business person we keep track of all kinds of statistics. However, to make decisions on where people tell us where they came from is very detrimental to a business owner. Why? Because people don’t remember how they came about visiting or calling you. They think they do but in actuality they don’t. Take a minute to visit this Dateline program, This will help you understand the complexity of the human memory.

One of the most important statistics is the increase in new customers. New customers are the life blood of any business. Is your advertising working? How many new clients do you have this month as compared to last month and last year. If the numbers are greater, then all is well. If not then we need to analyze how to solve the problem, whether the problem is in the message, the media schedule, how the customer is being greeted or if appointments are being made. There are a lot of components involved in a successful media campaign. The only thing we have experienced incredible immediate results with is the word “FREE” in any advertising. “FREE” will bring immediate results.

This is a myth that continues to perpetuate itself. Depending on the geographic region, a viewer could have as many as 800 TV channels to choose from. Currently, the Nielsen Rating System reports that cable channels are garnering upwards of 40% of all viewing audiences and over-the-air broadcast channels are getting 60% of all viewing audiences. But we have to consider the size of the pie and how it’s divided up. For example, cable may have to divide its 40% between, say, 395 networks, while broadcast TV divides its 60% between only five networks. In doing the math correctly, it’s obvious that a business will successfully reach 85%-90% of their target demographic with a regular broadcast advertising schedule. Of course, there are some instances when cable television advertising turns out to be the most effective option for the client. At NLA Media, we have the formulas and expertise when it comes to placing television advertising, whether it’s a regular broadcast or cable venue.

Actually, television advertising is the lowest cost per percentage point in every market we purchase across the country. That may sound like an exaggeration, but when the average person thinks about TV advertising their mind almost always goes to high-budget Super Bowl commercials, and then they relate that cost to their own marketing goals. Our clients spend an average of $4000 per month on their television advertising. With this budget we can reach 75%-85% of our client’s target customer an average of three to seven times over a three-month period. Additionally, television remains the single most effective communication source in our country. At NLA Media, we know how to make television advertising both affordable and successful.

Social media marketing may work well for nearly every business, but it is not a one-size-fits-all campaign. During your free initial consultation, we will learn about your business, your goals, and create your custom strategy based on how social media can help you achieve those goals.

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