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These days, if you don’t have a website that potential customers can visit to learn more about your business, you’re not in business.

Google reports that the majority of people first go online to find the product or service they are looking for. Having a professionally designed website can influence your potential customer’s decision about whether or not to contact you, visit you, and ultimately do business with you. It is another form of marketing that we specialize in.

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Considering a Website For Your Small Business? We can help.

Is your business boring? No? Then your website shouldn’t be, either! Your website is the face of your business and the point where many current and potential customers interact with your business. It’s important for your website to not only reflect your culture but also be fully-functional and pleasing to the eye.

People spend an average of 6 hours each day on the Internet, so why don’t more small businesses have legitimate websites? Maybe it is because it can be a challenge to find an expert developer at an affordable price. That’s where NLA Media comes in. We are experienced and skilled at making the most highly effective websites possible while building your business credibility and popularity.

Although a small business website serves many purposes, the main purposes are:

  • To inform
  • To engage
  • To convert

The most effective way to use a business website is by providing high-quality information and to learn more about who your audience is. This learned information includes learning about what they want, where are they are from, and how they are looking at your brand. Once you can view this information in real-time, it makes it easy to move your customers through the sales funnel. Small business websites also allow for automation of the sales process and for sales to be converted at a much higher rate than traditional sales methods. Building leads, making sales, and showing how your business is set apart from the competition, is the ultimate goal of a quality website from NLA Media.

To see a return on investment from a quality built website, your site will need to serve as a professional online presence that conveys your credibility, showcases your solutions, and makes it easy for people to contact you. Additionally, your website should be optimized so that people can find it easily when they search online (see our section about SEO). And, at NLA Media, we feel it should be easy for you to make any updates you like on your own, without being tied to a web developer every time you need to make a change to your site.

We would be happy to evaluate your current website at no charge and offer insight into how your website can be optimized for the best results. A responsive website is critical for your business’ success.

Contact NLA Media today for a complimentary consultation and let us introduce a new way of looking at your website for customer usability.

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