Radio Broadcasting and Advertising For Your Business

Before television became the powerhouse communication venue it is today, radio broadcasting had been capturing the public’s imagination in creative ways through both long and short formats.

Radio remains relevant in today’s world of time-starved consumers. As the original mobile and social medium, it provides programming content meeting the entertainment needs of people according to their demography, geography, ethnography, etc., via its thousands of commercial radio stations, streams, multicasts, and podcasts.

Don’t let your advertising turn into SAD-vertising. Keep it upbeat and engaging with highly-effective radio ads produced and placed by NLA Media.

No matter the direction you want to go with your commercials, NLA Media has the expertise to produce exceptional radio ads. We utilize the best techniques to increase brand awareness and excitement.

radio advertising

Radio formats we use include:

  • Straight-read with sound effects;
  • Story-style dialogue with professional voice talent;
  • Character or client monologues;
  • Dramatizations;
  • Jingles

All of our radio commercials include a solid call-to-action message designed to elicit a response within a specified time frame. We are fantastic at motivating listeners to do what we want them to do (and isn’t that the point of great advertising)?

Research shows that adults 18 years and older listen to the radio on average two hours a day, which creates a HUGE opportunity for your business to reach its target consumer multiple times in a single day. Incorporating radio as a main source of advertising has proven effective at increasing your business and raising your bottom line. The only question you should ask yourself is whether your business is ready to seriously grow.

It is important to determine the goal of the overall campaign. The goal will determine the structure of the plan. A reach campaign should include numerous stations over an extended period of time. If the goal is to increase frequency, then the converse is true: Reduce the number of stations and weeks and increase the number of spots placed on the stations purchased.

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