Top 5 Social Media Channels for Advertising

It should go without saying, but if you own a business in this day and age, you need to be on social media, period. No excuses. Social media has been a game changer for so many companies, skyrocketing them to heights previously unheard of, and allowing them to drive traffic to their business as well [...]

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NLA Media Ranks High on Clutch

We’ve been around Colorado Springs helping businesses with their marketing and advertising since Bill Clinton was president. Our team has deep roots in Marketing and Advertising as well as the Colorado Springs area. Colorado Springs is our home and people around the city know us as an honest, hardworking agency. That being said, we can [...]

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22 Years Of Colorado Springs Marketing and Advertising

Celebrating 22 Years in Business Supporting Colorado Springs Small Business Advertising This Sunday April 1st, 2018, Newell Ledbetter Advertising in Colorado Springs will be celebrating 22 years of business in the marketing and advertising sector. Created to help local businesses compete against the big budget businesses in the advertising market, the agency has accomplished a [...]

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Snapchat For Marketing And Advertising

Is Your Business on Snapchat? Did you know in 2015, Snapchat video posts reached over six billion?  With over 1.55 billion users, we ask ourselves and our clients, why aren’t you on Snapchat advertising?  In a world of rapidly growing Social Media platforms, Newell Ledbetter Advertising understands the importance of staying ahead of the Digital [...]

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Why Just A Website Is Not Sufficient For Success Today

Newell Ledbetter Advertising warns all clients that a well-designed website while being an excellent starting point for marketing, is solely sufficient for attaining success in today's highly competitive marketplace. Clients also need to learn how to drive traffic to the website, as the site is only a landing page for performing various business functions. It [...]

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How Social Media Influences SEO

  How Social Media Influences SEO Newell Ledbetter Advertising knows that search engine optimization or SEO is growing and changing at a light speed today. Just a short nine years ago, all that webmasters needed for their online marketing efforts were links from pertinent article directories, on-site keyword density, and a basic knowledge of HTML [...]

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Benefits of Broadcast Advertising

Written by Zachary Ledbetter Advertising through broadcast television and radio formats is a great way to market a product, because it provides a highly targeted audience. Fans of certain stations have specific preferences and interests that a good agency can determine through market research and analysis. A business can experience the benefits of this type [...]

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Updating your Website for Maximum Benefit

Written by Zachary Ledbetter You want the truth? Okay. It won’t be easy to hear, but here it is: You’re looking old and tired. You’re slower than ever and you don’t make sense. You can’t find anything and when someone asks you a question, you draw a blank. In other words, dear website, you need [...]

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One of these things is not like the other… or is it? The Power of Broadcast Television, Part 2

Written by Zachary Ledbetter There's a lot of buzz surrounding Twitter's purchase of Bluefin Labs, a company that measures, monitors, and quantitatively analyzes the impact of social media mentions of television and the buzz generated around TV shows. Since its advent in the 1940s, television has been a social entity, drawing people into discussions of [...]

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The Power of Broadcast Television Advertising

Written by Zachary Ledbetter The Super Bowl is over. Maybe your team won, maybe it didn't, but one thing remains eternal – the commercials. Hyundai will get you out front and get you an epic playdate. Toyota will grant you (more than) three wishes. Best Buy will help you get to the cloud. Audi will [...]

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