Video Production


Is your business reaching an audience through television?  Did you know television is still the most powerful medium to create brand awareness?  If you would like your brand story to be seen by the most people at one time, we always recommend creating a visual message for television and digital marketing.  At Newell Ledbetter Advertising, we pride ourselves in creating eye-catching and engaging productions for your business.  We will handle the creation of your commercial from start to finish.  Our team of experts will develop a visual message of who you are and your brand identity.  We use a variety of effective tactics to create and edit your production.  Our professional videographer will ingeniously incorporate the use of computer graphics integration, customer testimonials, and professional stock imagery to make your message clear and memorable.  Once your production is complete, you will be able to utilize the final version across all digital channels including display ads, in-stream commercials, television ads, social media and more!