Why Just A Website Is Not Sufficient For Success Today

Newell Ledbetter Advertising warns all clients that a well-designed website while being an excellent starting point for marketing, is solely sufficient for attaining success in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Clients also need to learn how to drive traffic to the website, as the site is only a landing page for performing various business functions. It does not attract customers without other elements, such as engagement on social media sites and the proper search engine optimization or SEO techniques.

The Functions a Company Performs on Its Website

The main purposes for a company’s website include such things as opt-in lists, contacting the company for information, solving issues, and closing the sale process. When the company also adds proper SEO to the website, it will include useful information that helps customers know how its products will help them in their daily lives along with effective keywords and HTML Meta tags. The promotional strategies actually start long before a person lands on the company’s website, though, and this is what all the clients at Newell Ledbetter Advertising will understand to optimize success from their marketing efforts.

Clients Must Draw Attention to Their Websites

Newell Ledbetter Advertising advises all its clients that they need to draw attention to their websites for the sites to be beneficial for the company. Clients may never find a low-ranking website just by performing searches on the various search engines without the client taking the right actions. Some effective actions for this include:

• SEO is still important in websites attaining high rank with the search engines. Google, Bing, and the other search engines continue to reward the websites that contain the right elements for search engine optimization.
• Blogging allows companies to become credible, authorities in their niches. They can publish writings of interest for their visitors to gain trust and respect in them. Once the visitors, trust that the companies are true authorities in their field, the visitors are more likely to become paying customers.
• Social media allows the businesses to interact with potential and present customers on a personal level. They also can share content through this format at times, more effectively than on their websites. Today, masses of people turn to social media sites for information on companies and products, to receive customer assistance, and to leave favorable and unfavorable feedback.

Newell Ledbetter Advertising wants all its clients to succeed with their online marketing efforts. For this reason, the company recommends that the clients go the distance with promotional campaigns and not just settle for a lone website. A website on its own will not accomplish the level of success businesses require today.[/fusion_text]

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