The Importance of Social Media Engagement

social media engagement

Social media is about much more than just posting on your profiles and hoping customers will call.  A robust external engagement strategy should be tied into your social media campaign strategy on every one of your business platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.  Incorporating an external engagement strategy into your social media efforts will help your pages to grow quickly, as well as help potential customers understand who you are and what you care about.

What is “External Engagement”?

External Engagement is when you interact with other people, pages, posts, and conversations on social media as your brand.  This helps potential customers understand who you are, increase brand awareness, and promote trustworthiness with your brand or business.  “Human to human” interaction, or H2H, is what social media was made for, and if you’re not engaging yet, you should be.

External engagement also helps people who don’t follow your page get to know about you.  Engaging with the right people through commenting on posts, liking and sharing will help your page to grow quickly. Engagement is especially important when you are just starting out because potential customers may not know about your business yet.

How Do I Engage?

All of the social media platforms offer ways for pages to interact with their current and potential customers.  But are you taking the time to do it?  External engagement can take as little as 5 minutes per day, and consistency is key.  Engaging with people and other brands on your page’s social media accounts will result in increased trust and growth in your following over time.  Although nothing ever happens overnight, engagement is a key ingredient of social media and should be part of your overall social media strategy.

Engagement may include posting shout-outs to customers, partners, and fellow businesses or thought leaders in your industry.  Engagement is not a one-way street, and your page should encourage it at every possible opportunity.  Engaging with the right people will lead to actual business opportunities while engaging with the wrong people can damage your brand.  As a general rule, it is not in your best interest to engage with posts or pages directly related to political hot topics, religion, or other potentially polarizing topics.  The right types of engagement will spur positive interaction and conversation about your brand or product.  This allows customers to learn more about your brand, which will result in growth of your businesses and your online presence over time.

How Does NLA Help?

NLA Media’s experienced social media team posts in groups and interacts with other pages on behalf of our clients every week.  We take the burden off your plate, going the extra mile to ensure your followers feel important, valued, and most of all heard.

Our clients have been extremely happy with our social media strategy services because of how quickly their Facebook pages have grown because of our social engagement approach.  We take the time to research the best groups, pages, and people to engage with, and then carve time out each and every week to communicate across all your platforms to help your growth.


Engaging with potential customers is not just an option for small business owners, it’s a necessity.  Even with a robust ads budget, engagement is what social media is all about, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with people who may eventually become part of your loyal customer base.  Contact us to learn how your social media strategy could be improved upon today!