This is what you Do get when you hire Newell Ledbetter Advertising….

Written by Zachary Ledbetter Over 70 years experience in advertising and promotions. Our vast experience with radio, cable, and broadcast television allows us to specialize in the mediums of broadcast advertising. Excellent negotiation skills Newell Ledbetter Advertising has a win-win attitude for the client. We have been negotiating media successfully for over 24 years. The [...]

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What you Don’t get with Newell Ledbetter Advertising…

Written by Zachary Ledbetter On the clock consultation fees We work together to increase your success. There are no extra fees. Newell Ledbetter Advertising works for the commission given to advertising agencies for advertising placement. Mark-Up on production Newell Ledbetter Advertising passes any production charges directly to the client and we do not add any [...]

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